TVR 713X: Regulation of Media (Regulation of Television and Radio)

Semester Syllabus - Fall, 2004

Wednesday - 6:00PM-9:00PM

Semester Syllabus / Lecture Notes

Session Schedule Subject Matter Lecture Notes and Readings
1 September 1 Management, Media, Stakeholders, Responsibilities, and the Balance of Rights No Reading.
2 September 8 The Structure and Practice of Media Regulation Pember and Calvert, C.1; Zelezny, C.1; McChesney, C.1; Lessig, pp.130-139.
3 September 22 Freedom and Responsibility: The First Amendment and Prior Restraint Pember and Calvert, C.2-3; Zelezny, C.2-3; McChesney C.2; Lessig C.1.
4 September 29 Freedom and Recourse Pember and Calvert, C.4-6; Zelezny, C.4; McChesney, C.3.
5 October 6 Access and Privacy Pember and Calvert, C.7-10; Zelezny, C.5-6;
6 October 13 Commercial Speech Pember and Calvert, C.15; Zelezny, C.12; McChesney C.4.
7 October 20 Licensing in the Public Interest. Pember and Calvert, C.16; Zelezny, C.9; McChesney C.5.
8 October 27 Mid-term (half class); Obscenity Pember and Calvert, C.13; Zelezny, C.11.
9 November 3 Copyright, Trademark, and other forms of Creative Property Pember and Calvert, C.14; Zelezny, C.8; Lessig, C.2-5.
10 November 10 Term Paper Work Week; Discussion via Blackboard  
11 November 17 Evoluting Notions of Property McChesney, C.6; Lessig, C. 6-10; pp.130-139.
12 December 1 Fair Trial and Free Press. Pember and Calvert, C.11-12; Zelezny, C.7.
13 December 8 Regulation, Content, and Creativity Lessig C.11-12, Zelezny C.10.
14 December 14 (Tuesday) Media in the Balance McChesney, C.7; Lessig C.13-15, Conclusion, Afterword
Final December 22 Discussion of Term Papers with Class Everybody elses Term Paper