Department of Television and Radio
Introduction to Mass Media
TV/R 6.5 Section EM6 (Course Code B065)
Spring, 2006, Mon, 6:20 - 9 pm
320 Whitehead Hall

Class Schedule and Assignments - Spring, 2007

Semester Syllabus/ Discussion Notes / Blackboard Discussion Group

The following is a list of class meetings for this semester.
Reading assignments are to be completed by the class date listed.
Additional Assignments are listed in the course discussion notes.
On exam days, we will reconvene at 7:45 to discuss the exam.

Session Date Discussion Notes Readings (to be completed before class on the date listed)
1 M Jan 29 Course orientation Buy book. Join Blackboard e-group as per instructions.
2 M Feb 5 The Scope of the Mass Media Chapter 1, Introduction
3 Th Feb 15 The First Mass Media Industry Chapter 2, Books. Bring your textbooks to class.
Note that we meet on Thursday this week.
4 W Feb 21 Periodical Publishing Chapter 3, Newspapers and Chapter 4, Magazines.
Note that we meet on Wednesday this week.
5 M Feb 26 Exam: Discussion Notes and Study Guide. Test #1; bring in two sharpened #2 pencils with clean erasers. 7:45 p.m. Discuss Test 1.
6 M Mar 5 Motion Publishing Chapter 5, Movies.
7 M Mar 12 Audio: From Publishing to Broadcasting Chapter 6, Recordings and Chapter 7, Radio.
8 M Mar 19 Television: Supersizing audiences Chapter 8, Television.
9 M Mar 26 New Mass Media: The Internet and Convergent Interfaces Chapter 9, The Internet; Review for Test 2.
Spring Break. No Class.
10 M Apr 16 Exam: Discussion Notes and Study Guide Test #2. Don't forget the pencils. 7:45 p.m., Discuss Test #2.
11 M Apr 25 Audiences and the Uses of Mass Media Chapter 10, News
12 M Apr 30 Message Makers and the Uses of Mass Media Chapter 11, Public Relations; Chapter 12, Advertising
13 M May 7 Understanding Media Effects Chapter 13, Impact.
14 M May 14 Careers in Mass Media and their Legal and Ethical Requirements Chapter 14, Media Law; Chapter 15, Ethics; Review for Test 3. ALL PAPERS DUE.
15 M May 21 Final Exam: Discussion Notes and Study Guide Test 3. Did I mention the pencils? 7:45 p.m., Discuss Test #3. and Course Wrap Up.