Davis A. Foulger, Ph. D.

Fall, 2005-Spring, 2006
and Fall 2001-Spring 2003

MGT110 Section R10 - Gateway to Business

Class Schedule and Assignments - Fall, 2005

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Rich 324

The class syllabus and schedule were handed out on the first day of class.

It is my usual practice to make discussion notes available online. You will find, at the very least, the agenda for each recitation posted online after class. That agenda may be available before class, but will cannot be considered reliable for about 24 to 48 hours after class is over. I will often change the agenda/discussion notes just before or even during class and may change the notes afterward to reflect what we actually did in class.

Please bring any questions you have about the readings or assignments to class. We will generally leave a period of time during each recitation for your questions. Remember: there are no stupid questions; only answers that didn't have to be.