Engineering & Communication Studies Department
Sophomore Engineering Clinic Public Speaking
ENGR 01202 - 1, Spring, 2007
CRN 01202
Tues, Thurs
Hawthorne 210

Dr. Foulger

Class Schedule and Assignments

Section Syllabus / Discussion Notes

Draft. The details of the schedule are likely to change.

Session Date Subject Assignment Due
1 Jan 22 Course Introduction; Listening and Note Taking No Reading (Obviously)
2 Jan 29 Responsibilities and Expectations in Public Speaking;
The What and Why of Public Speaking
Lucas, c. 1-4
3 Feb 5 Lucas, c. 5-7
4 Feb 12 Design, Organization, and Architecture in Public Speaking;
The Informative Speech
Lucas, c. 8-10 and 14
5 Feb 19 The Devil is in the Details:  Language and Delivery; Informative Speech Lab
Lucas, c. 11-12;
Outline of Informative Speech Due
6 Feb 26 Informative Speeches (5-7 minutes) No Reading;  Be Ready to Go
7 Mar 4 Informative Speeches (5-7 minutes);
The Purpose and Process of Technical Speaking
No Reading;  Be Ready to Go
8 Mar 11 Technical Speaking, Visual Aids, and Powerpoint Lucas, c. 13 and Powerpoint Appendix
Mar 17-21 Spring Break
9 Mar 25 Speaking in Groups; Technical Speech Lab
Lucas, c. 18;
Outline of Technical Speech Due
10 Apr 1 Technical Speeches (6-8 Minutes) No Reading
11 Apr 8 Technical Speeches (6-8 Minutes);
The Art of Persuasion
Lucas, c. 15-16
12 Apr 14 Speaking on Special Occasions; Persuasive Speech Lab
Lucas, c. 17;
Outline of Persuasive Speech Due
13 Apr 21 Persuasive Speeches (8-10 minutes) No Reading;  Be Ready to Go
14 Apr 28 Persuasive Speeches (8-10 minutes); Exam #2 Review No Reading;  Be Ready to Go